Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Behind the admiration for C.G. Jung's ideology

I have this slightly crazy admiration towards Carl Gustav Jung's thoughts and ideology, even though I've orientated myself only into very small bits of it. For a while I've know this admiration came from my past life, when I was a male Jew, most likely a psychology teacher in Germany (who also experienced the horrors of the Holocaust). A couple of days ago I was writing a creative piece of writing (the world view for a live roleplaying project). I like to think well through the symbolism and the emotional logic towards magic or any other fictive elements. I was working on the idea of light and darkness in magic, which put me into deeper thinking on how that would work psychologically speaking with the one casting the spells-- the human mind. When I was listing different analogies of darkness and light (like yin and yang) I got spontaneously the words anima and animus in my head. All I knew about them was that they represented the feminine and masculine aspects of... something? I thought to myself I would check out their further meaning later. Before I did so, I created my own logic about the evolution of self through reflecting upon our shadow-self etc. in different stages. When I finally googled the deeper idea behind the anima and animus, I was stunned. I had recreated the same logic between them and the shadow-self as Carl Gustav Jung had himself. They were actually also important tools in the layered process of working through light and dark. The more I've come by Jung's thinking, I also truly understand the spirituality behind it. It has it's holes and small downsides, but booooy, I just think he was a genius, because when he was certain about something, he didn't wait for other people's approval in every case in his life. Neither did he even research too much if all of his hypothesis were true, because he just knew he was right. I believe I was both under the spirits' influence while finding this logic, but also unlocking some part of my past incarnation's memories. Today I have been so full of appreciation. How much the psychology has helped the human kind! In my mind it would do so much good to so many people to learn more psychology at a younger age and be provided with psychiatric services even for those without mental illness. This world is crazy and sometimes I think we'd need a free outlet for our inner child to show itself safely. Did you know Jung actually explored the idea of the spirit world's existence? And he is the father of psychoanalysis, someone who has in my mind had a very thorough effect to modern day psychology.

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