Monday, 2 April 2018

Gustav Mahler is Dario Marianelli

I listen to emotional and magical film soundtracks a lot, usually more than any other music with vocals. I just bumped into a picture of Gustav Mahler on my feed telling that he was a composer in the late 19th century and even though I don't know his music, I was instantly told by clairknowledge that he is amongst the modern soundtrack composers of the music that I listen to. Note that I didn't know Mahler's music before this and I've never ever seen a picture of Dario Marianelli before I googled it just a few moments ago. It's probable that I have heard Mahler's music when the radio has been on at my father's some time long time ago (he sometimes listens to classical music), since it seems like he was famous.
All of this happened 10 minutes ago from writing this. I searched for a piece of Mahler's music and for a moment I really thought it was just another piece by Dario Marianelli himself. And now I searched for his picture and look! This is actually the first time I see a picture of Dario Marianelli, since I've just listened to his music on Spotify. I've been very keen on it so this makes me slightly emotional. Music can be very healing.
I have absolutely NO feeling that I would've known him in a past life. It's just his music in the now that has really moved me. I'm ashtonished and feel confident that Marianelli is Mahler's reincarnation.
Here's link to a music piece by Dario Marianelli:…
And here's music by Gustav Mahler:

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