Monday, 19 December 2016

Harry Power's spirit and signs

Today's oracle cards encouraged me to feel and be empowered and use this strength in my daily life. My power has been lost of a few weeks and manifested itself by depression, so this message had been long awaited, even that I had received the same message here and there by listening to my spirit helpers. Also it turned out there was a 'coincidence' about the usage of word 'power'.

I ordered a month ago myself a DVD from Australia. "The Last Outlaw" mini tv-series. I never got an affirmation it had been shipped as I did get from other items I ordered for Christmas at the same time. Today I was doing some cookie baking with my best friend and there were so many of them that even after she left there were left plenty to bake! So I was left alone in my silence. Every once in a while I thought I should start a playlist from my phone. I forgot it many times and each time I remembered it again, I felt an urge to do it before I forgot all about it. Finally I did it. It was my Australian past life playlist I chose pretty much randomly. Then I heard a sound from the apartment. Something fell on the floor. I instantly thought either it was a spirit moving stuff or the mail man. It was mail, but the spirits having their touch on the situation. At that moment there was playing this song called Blood On My Name by Brothers Bright. That's a song that I also for half meditative purposes on this past life. It helps me think and structure my emotions, just as many other songs on that playlist of mine.

When I saw it was the DVD which's whereabouts I had been pondering on today, I of course got a little excited. It was my Christmas present to myself. I've been waiting for this opportunity to watch The Last Outlaw through, because it has a lot of roles of people who I find dear from Ned's life like Tom Lloyd and Isaiah 'Wild' Wright. I now understand that the reason I felt an urge to put that playlist playing on the background was actually yet another sign the spirits wanted to share me. Even that I shouldn't be able to doubt my past life anymore, I do need these confirmations to ease my mind. They are also a sign for me that I'm not leading myself to a useless path.

Right now I'm also happy that I figured out I could try to find that DVD online all regions free, which means I could watch it here in Finland without any problems. It wasn't that easy to find, I tell you. It's a piece of Australian history and so on, and the series itself was filmed in the 80's, so naturally most of the DVD releases (except for the one I found) were meant for the region of Australia.

Harry Power's been on my mind lately. His spirit has visited and contacted me more than a year ago and so he did just the past few days again, now revealing his Higher self. He told me he isn't incarnated on the physical plane at the present moment, but he will soon enough. He will incarnate as a boy to one of my close relatives (I know who). He also told me we haven't known each other on other past lives on Earth but as Ned Kelly and Harry Power. He shared me he didn't actually like too much being called by his past life name. He would be in this future life a sensitive and bright boy and he told he would have an talents and devotion to wood carpeting at an early age. By his 9th year of life on Earth my grandfather would have been moved to the spirit world and Harry's reincarnation would be compared to my grandfather (who is a dear person to me even if he himself didn't know it). This is how we change and evolve as spiritual beings... Harry used to be a case-hardened bushranger and his soul isn't proud of all things he did during his life. I think there is also something else that bothers him about that incarnation...

If you wonder how I speak with these spirits, it's again with the help of the pendulum. I see and feel things, get impressions and then if it's unclear or I feel uncertain I use the pendulum the spirit is moving to help get the message right and clear.

The first part of The Last Outlaw looks into Harry's past a lot. I haven't watched the whole episode yet, I think I left it somewhere in the middle. I started to think if I should actually try to regress myself into my past as Ned and see if there was information available that the series would later confirm later. The series tries to base it's story on facts. For now I've been a little annoyed by the teenage Ned. Something doesn't feel right about it, but I'm hopeful about the further parts of the series. Anyway, I haven't actually tried to regress myself consciously on this past life but once, because of doubts and fears. Maybe now's the time. I have held back myself a lot on reading the history on this, I've refrained from looking too much into detail. I need myself to be sure I'm not misleading myself or anyone else for that matter about the past lives' topic as it really is my passion...

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The incarnation of Ned Kelly, part 1

This is the story of me identifying as the reincarnation of Edward "Ned" Kelly, a bushranger born in Australia. As always, one must make sure isn't making things up about 'national hero' incarnations and it's been quite a ride proving myself I'm not misleading myself, I tell you. On the other hand, even people who were famous or became famous after death have always been human-- nothing less or nothing more, that's something I really want people to remember in our glamour-loving society... I would actually love not having to explain this whole "fame is an illusion thing, yadayada", I wish it was an evident fact.
First, if you want to learn more on the historical background, check this out:

I'm dreaming about writing a book on past lives inspired by these experiences. I've learned a lot and I know in my heart there will be more. I'm still waiting for the day I'm brave enough to ask from my friends and family members if it's okay to publish their photos and the meaningful things on their backgrounds to help telling my story which also is their story on the other hand (I have no idea what they could think about this reincarnation story). From my point of view they're an important part of telling the story as they kind of complete the whole puzzle, that's how I feel about the information. I know I can't tell here about their lives (unless having a permission). I've told about this to pretty much all my close friends as they are by coincidence open-minded people and who more or less (--more) accept the existence of what people usually call paranormal. But telling this to my other very much significant relatives? Help.

About thirteen months ago I was researching my past life situated around the 50's as an English woman (I was born maybe in 30's or 40's). I yearned to learn more about that life as it has affected me a lot, I think, but not as much as I think my other future discovery would. Around those times I didn't meditate too much, but I spontaneously thought of giving it a try, finding out more about that past life in England. I very quickly was given in the meditation a year '1856' and two foreign words 'Jacques depot'. I wrote them down on a piece of paper after realizing I didn't understand, how these two things were related to anything I had been searching for.

In two weeks after this, there occurred a dream. I was in a toy store, trying to find some toy bullets for my toy gun. I got slightly disappointed finding out there are no toy bullets that could fit my gun (all of this could happen to me in real life as I have hobbies that include also fake weapons, that I sometimes buy from toy stores). Suddenly I recalled I own an unopened package that included a gun and bullets (that were really big to be toy bullets). The bullets were fake, but I soon found myself fascinated by all those bits that really showed the gun was an old one and actually real (although it took some time for me to figure that out). I turned right there were I was standing 180 degrees and the package with the gun and bullets somehow appears in front of me. It opens by itself, only from my thought of opening it. The package and the gun leak dry dirt from every little hole and corner. Soon the toy package of the revolver gun disappears and I find myself holding this revolver while it's still leaking the dirt as if it had been buried somewhere (for a long time). The same instance I notice my hands and left arm were dirty from that soil. The rest of the dream goes as follows: I find my way to the cashier and I argue with a man about something. He thinks I've been doing something criminal in this store and the whole situation feels embarrassing while AT THE SAME TIME I find myself in a bank in the 1800's in a similar situation, doing a robbery and there is a man in a black suit, old modeled eye-glasses and dark fine mustache. Before this experience I never knew that dreaming in two layers happening at the same time was even possible. I wake up.

I felt instantly that my dream was affected by spirit. I don't understand at all what I had been going through. At that point I thought that perhaps a spirit was trying to connect with me and telling his story. So I once again tried meditating as I rarely did at that time. I was given words: "Murder never expires" and right after that saw a man like from a cowboy film. What I got was that he was most possibly a criminal, that was the basic feel to it all. He had a dark beard and a light colored hat that created a shadow on his face that prevented me from seeing his features. The surroundings looked so hot and dry that it made me think of Mexico or another place in South America. There was also something about his weakly visible facial features that made me think again about Mexico. That moment I was somewhat scared and confused, because of the apparent murder theme. I thought all the possibilities through, but I didn't get the hang of it. So I decided that I'll just leave the dream be and that if it's important, it will come to me later in life.

Only a few days later the same week I go to meet my old high school friends. We watch a movie together and after it do something we wouldn't usually do: Leave the tv channel open while we talk about girl stuff and politics. The channel represents multiple documentaries in a row that are situated in Australia. One of them tells the story of the bushranger Ned Kelly. My thoughts at that point were these: "Ahh, I remember this man as a topic from high school. We had a chapter in our English books about him and that time I wrote that text about him in my personal blog symbolizing my life in a way." That was true, it had been about four years or more since I had last thought about this man and his history which was also my first one. We kept talking and me watching the documentary here and there. I noted that one of the guns shown actually looked very much like the revolver in my dream. I didn't feel any different.

When I go home, I have the urge to find out what "1856 Jacques depot" meant in my meditation state from two weeks earlier. I once again try to research the meaning from the internet. I go to Wikipedia, just as I had probably done two weeks ago and scroll through things that had happened in 1856. '1856' bushranger Ned Kelly's possible year of birth it said (usually they think it's more probable it's 1854 or 1855). I open the article and after a few seconds I find my self shaking and shivering, my muscles stiffened. I just KNEW I was him. I had stared at the picture of his armor in a museum and I could feel my mind being sucked into the picture or something hitting my consciousness slightly physically (I feel this mental suction when I do past life readings for other people live)... All I remember from that night is more shaking, muscles stiffening and thoughts of "oh my god, I killed people" and washing the dishes in a state that could resemble a shock.

All of this was followed by a huge amount of my own skepticism, feeling of guilt and still knowing in my heart that it had to be true, somehow wanting it to be true as it would've explained many things occurring in my life. 

Soon, I rediscovered my old blog text. It was a long one, myself ranting in a very deep point of depression, desperate about my situation in life and being bullied at home and in school. I remember myself very angry and crying while writing it. In the end I had attached an old drawing of Ned wearing his famous armor in the Glenrowan incident and these words symbolizing my desperation in life as I wasn't sure how long I was able to take all those bad things anymore: "I've been my own hero for a long time. I have a self-made tinarmour and I've had various bullets in my chest, legs and arms. I'm slowly bleeding to death. I don't think I can be Ned Kelly. I think the hero is going to die."

I started to think about my life from many aspects after accepting the possibility I used to be Ned. This would explain my irrational fear of the police as I had still the feeling I could be arrested any time for my criminal actions, which of course I had done none in this life. This feeling had secretly been burdening with me since my childhood. I don't know if my family ever noticed such, but my girlfriend before all this happened did. Also, it lifted some of the burden on my experience of my gender. I've had times since my teens when I've thought myself as more male than female, but usually androgynous. As a child I was more of a tomboy anyway.

I had been also keen on the name Edward and used it for years online in different forms. 'Sir Edward', 'Eddie', '-Ed', 'PumpkiN-Ed' etc. were my nicknames, all these before a couple of years before I was ever introduced briefly to history on Ned Kelly. Could this be it, I thought? What I believe these days is that I have been called Edward in at least two lives serving my time on Earth.

There was something else too. When I was young, about eight years old, I used to held secret wrestling tournaments with the other kids on our backyard. My father had always been against violence and guns very strictly, so for me it was no question to use actually violence that would hurt badly, so especially using fists against anyone was strictly prohibited. At that time I wanted to be "Pippi Longstocking" from children's story books, the strongest girl on Earth. I by the way was usually the one who won, if not always.

When I was thirteen, I decided I wanted to start boxing, perhaps kick boxing. I really wanted my mother to buy me a sack and gloves for a long time, even that I had noticed my joints felt as if they could be actually easily damaged, even broken after a couple of hits. As my mother didn't agree with my wishes, so the aspiration to start boxing (and become good in it) was left behind and never thought about it again, after I found other hobbies. Still I used the nickname inspired by a movie I hadn't yet seen "million dollar girl" online for a while. Ned was known for bare-knuckle boxing and once even the unofficial champion of his district.

I did read a very small amount of details of Ned's life (there exists a lot of it) from that Wikipedia article and elsewhere in the internet, because I really wanted to prove myself I wasn't imagining things. One of the things I did read back then was that his famous last words have been suspected to be "Such is life". I recalled something from my childhood. I was about seven or eight years old, when my father received a call and asked me to go outside with my little sisters. I was blowing some soap bubbles when soon my father came out and sat on the steps crying in a very heartbreaking manner. He told me that my his father, my grandfather had died. My father's reaction did sadden and shock me inside, but for some reason I remained calm. I sat beside him, gave him a hug and said: "Sellaista se elämä on" meaning "Such is life". My father still reminds me of this from time to time as he thought it was more or less funny from a young girl like that.

I still doubted myself. It wasn't enough proof for me to really let myself believe all that even if I tried so.

Soon I found myself observing some of the photos of the Kelly family members. That's when I first had the feeling one of Ned's brothers Jim Kelly was someone I know very closely in this life: My father. Another picture made me think of something similar: young Kate Kelly reminded me of one of my close relatives.

That's when I held a session using pendulum to connect the names and the photos with my best friend. We intuitively chose names of my relatives and friends in this life. We had quite amazing results and I found I had erred with the identification of Kate as the pendulum after many times of asking didn't change it's answer. Ned's sister Kate is these days the person I call my mother. We found out that each of Ned's closest relatives are very much near to each other in this life living in my family and my uncle's family. I would tell some crazy and sometimes funny details of all the people I found incarnated nearby me, but I haven't asked for the permission to share their intriguing stories or pictures just yet online. And on the other hand there remains essential family members I haven't told anything about this.

When I compared the pictures side by side with my friend, we were stunned. There were similarities that I just couldn't deny as they occurred on so many of these people. I believe there must be people who would want to disagree, but personally I cannot. As it has to be accepted that our most recent race and gender do redefine many of our physical characteristics, I still find similarities between these pictures. All my family and relatives related to this past time and place are Finnish as the Kelly family was of Irish decent and who knows where the other people I was able to recognize who weren't part of the Kelly family were from. Later I've realized the reason some of my relatives in this life had lived many years in Australia and my family members visited there for other reasons is our mutual past life... I had also short thoughts of visiting this country many times earlier, but there has always been reasons that prevented me from really wanting it in the end 1) the serious heat 2) deadly animals and insects. 

Even after this, more proof came by my side. I had almost forgot about the results I had during the first meditation I mentioned. "1856 Jacques depot". At this point I had long confessed to myself that one of the least probable years of birth-- 1856, where this all started didn't alone prove myself anything. Maybe I had just mislead myself on the wrong path? I suddenly recalled something important. All along I had thought that "Jacques depot" was connected with the past life I had tried to meditate on. I had tried to find it's meaning again online, but all I found out was a café in Australia and nothing else on any other part of the globe. In AUSTRALIA. I googled the address and placed it on a map. Then I tried finding Ned's birth place. As it wasn't known I found the address of Ned's childhood home. I was perfectly struck by it again. The café was placed on the coast and the Kelly's used to live 60 kilometers straight to north from that point up.

The conclusion I've come to about this meditation is that I was given by the spirit world my past life coordinates.

Later on, I've seen two other symbolic dreams clearly related with Ned. In the latter I dug the grave open and I found his body under a white linen cloth. Bodies under white cloth have been in my dreams the symbol of people who have really died in this world. Ned's body was partially blackened from the skin. I remember myself staring his hands, "my hands". But what I couldn't do was revealing his face under the cloth. What I felt there was fear, because somehow I was afraid his face was seriously damaged to something horrible. So I covered the body and refilled the grave. When I was ready, I suddenly changed my mind. I wanted to be brave and see the face. I woke up while I started to dig the grave open again and was committed to "face" my fears.

After this dream actually, I haven't been scared of reading more history on Ned's life. After all, my intention wasn't quite to scientifically prove all the skeptics in the world I was Ned Kelly, the bloke many people in Australia wants to argue about (if this could end some stupid battles and waste of plastic and stuff on his toy figures, then it could be great though, or maybe.. I don't know... allow me to touch something 'he' owned). Was he a cold blooded selfish murderer? Well guess what, I want to know the truth as well. Even though I have my doubts, I have decided I don't want my insecurity to control me on this. I feel what I feel in my heart and I've seen all these things I just told. I haven't agreed to understand before recently that yes, Ned's life must be a significant one for me in this life as many of my childhood problems seem to have been born in Australia more than 135 years ago and these people haven't gone anywhere.

So this was my story, in a brief form, even though I know it's a long one. I'm not going to lie that after two years of (re)discovering all these things I'm still excited, scared and awaiting for this adventure of self-discovery to continue.

People I've managed to recognize ever since the incarnation came into light for me (reincarnated in close doings with me): 

Ellen Kelly (Ned's mother)
John "Red" Kelly (Ned's father)
Dan Kelly (Ned's brother and gang member)
Jim Kelly (Ned's brother)
Kate Kelly (Ned's sister)
Grace Kelly (Ned's sister)
Margaret Skillion (Ned's sister)
Anne Gunn (Ned's sister)
Joe Byrne (Ned's important friend and an gang member)
Tom Lloyd (Ned's cousin, a dear friend and an important supporter of the gang)
Aaron Sherritt (uncertain) (Ned's gang member)
Isaiah "Wild" Wright (Ned's gang's supporter and a good friend)
Constable Lonigan (Constable who Ned shot)
Constable Kennedy (Constable who Ned shot)
Constable Fitzpatrick (Constable who caused some serious trouble to the Kelly family)
Ettie Hart (uncertain) (Ned's gang member's sister)

Richard Shelton (the boy who Ned saved from drowning)

Monday, 17 October 2016


You may find this blogger a regular person, who doesn't seem to fit well with the usual world. I'm messy, spontaneous vs. reserved, analytic and find joy in spiritual conversation and development. In high school I found myself interested in psychology and philosophy, arts and languages (except for Swedish). I wanted to be either a film director or a costume designer by trade as "being something" or "someone" seemed like the only option I had for life. I felt like I was unsuccessful in everything else that I could've considered meaningful.

Around those times my dog died and I found myself in the middle of a depression cycle which continued for a few years. I have also presumed I had been depressed even as a child without realizing my situation. These days I understand that it was because of my mother. Mental problems existed, but inside this broken family unit they were always belittled or somehow projected elsewhere, many times on myself.

Just as I described, everything escalated at school when I turned 18. Little by little I became more aware I wasn't alone in my room at nights and developed a fear of being in the dark alone late because of this. With this fear came along spiritual experiences and a reawakened interest in the supernatural a couple of years later. I got tarot cards from friends as a birthday present and started to learn about chakra systems, auras, the spirit world and even about the life outside our planet (this was due to an experience I had as a child). I yearned to know the truth about our life mysteries and I was confident it was possible to (re)discover it.

I was right about that possibility, indeed. I had been having all these theories about the structure of our existence and now was the time to see if I was anywhere nearby the truth. Realizing I wasn't the only one thinking like this and that there were actually a huge number of people across the globe and later even amongst my friends sharing an astonishingly similar world view-- I knew there absolutely had to be something true about it. I had been searching for miracles all my life and there it was. No-one had taught me the things I had speculated to be right and now out of the blue I had this amazing support system for my thoughts all around me.

It didn't take long to be told I had the gift to mediumship having a shaman spirit by my side as my spirit guide. I started to understand I had been having these spiritual experiences as a child too, but my strong forced Christian faith and the fear of being judged by the Christian god had blocked my abilities for a long time. Little by little I started to gain confidence in my gift by giving power animal readings to my friends after realizing I could see an animal "on them" when looking at a person. I kept practicing, until a couple of years ago I had crossed the point of being able to convey messages from the spirit world. It had always been important to me to be able to know for sure I wasn't creating the message on something I already knew about those people. Both mistakes and astonishing accomplishments came along the way, the mistakes becoming way rarer by time.

Three years ago I finally got my hands on the topic of reincarnation, which had fascinated me ever since I was a child. At first I falsely thought I must have been a newcomer on Earth, since I had no past life memories or experiences, besides one curious dream I had seen a couple of years earlier. Just as with the power animals, it hit me that I could actually see some people as someone else, when looking at them and sometimes gaining an impression of another historical time. I started to practice and became better on it, whilst getting busy in my everyday life.

My depression cycle helped me to start handling many things that were wrong in my life. Ever since, I've been becoming happier and happier as a human being. It took me some time to get that I actually hadn't been that happy in all of my life. I got hooked on the feeling of freedom the new form of spiritualism provided in my life and I wished other people could feel the same things as I did. My wishes to become a costume designer or a film director were long gone. All I wanted now was to improve as a person, discover new sides about everything that existed and get a taste of adventure in my daily life.

Healing our mental problems and at least accepting them became an important interest of mine. For a few years I tried to save people around me, especially the friends I now considered my real family-- only to learn later on that was no good. I earned even more emotional freedom by understanding that humans have always the right to choose for themselves to believe, to accept and to act on things. I could not bend them to my will seeing and acting on the things around them that could lighten their hearts. More often than that not following my intuition about how to handle people, I burnt my fingers. Finally it was time to move on and change the plan.

It hasn't been an easy task to understand using my inner voice is a part of my meaning in life. It would be only a few adventures away to find the perfect setting to use it AND people who could hear it and actually wanting to listen. I'm still on the same path to discovery, but it hasn't been until lately that I understood, my life purpose considering helping people is of the spiritual kind, using my wisdom and gifts with the best of my ability. I never thought making a living this way would be possible, but I'm currently searching for the bravery to see the perfect way and possibilities to serve people in the future.

My drive for sharing experiences to raise awareness has been huge, because I've been through so many life changing situations with the help of the spirit world and understanding our past lives. This blog is one venue to share most of the knowledge I've gained through these years. One of my highest wishes right now is to reach something in people. Everything is possible if we give the universe a chance to show it.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Finnish Civil War 1918, part 1

I just had a session with the spirit world by using pendulum and clairvoyance/clairknowing as my tools. I had an intention to ask about something quite serious, just a simple one-question try for my spirit guide. I did get my answer later, but first on I had someone different coming and he told that he couldn't answer the question I had suggested.

It was one of my spirit teachers. It took less than a second that he was swinging my pendulum swiftly and became clear to me that he was coming from one of my past lives and we had known each other. The connection is usually not this fluent in the beginning, but I can understand why it came to us (me and the spirit) so easily today. There's basically two reasons:

1) I just came from a mediumship demonstration (I think that's what they are called in UK, but in Finnish it's just a "meediotilaisuus", which I think describes it better). It is a more or less well known fact that attending to medium sessions, opens the receivers psychic/mediumship gifts sometimes and it isn't really a rare thing to happen. I personally didn't get a message this time, because it went to other people there (there were about 50 people attending this demonstration), but just as the medium Maila Marttinen said, all our spirit guides were strongly present there today and even without getting a message, many of our loved ones were there too, close to our auric field (actually inside it), us being mostly open to their energies. I believe I stayed open for these energies for hours, because straight after the demonstration I went out with my two friends and we talked about deep spiritual questions. This is something that actually does help keeping us open to the spirit world.

2) On my way home I found that one question-worthy reason to hold a seance/session for myself so I asked my spirit guide would be there waiting for me. I asked for protection and guidance and gave the spirit world some time to accommodate to my wishes.

So here's what I discovered about this spirit teacher who came meeting me. He used to be my little brother in my past life in Finland. I was born at some point before the turn of the century and lived to witness our war of 1918. I had five siblings: Only one of them was a girl, but she died very young. When the war came, both of our parents and both our grand parents were dead. This little brother who came to teach me was 6 years younger than me, but I wasn't the oldest son. We used to fight a lot.

To my relief, he told me that we had cleared our karma from that life long before my present life and he wouldn't incarnate as anyone around me in this life. This is actually a little rare to my experience. Those who've been pointed out in my past life readings have been usually incarnated as my family or friends in this life. Anyway, I don't think anyone should now start to believe that it was or wasn't common our family members from past lives didn't incarnate close to us again in this life. I believe all paths exist in this one.

One of the interesting things is that I had thought I was a chauffeur from my trade. It seems I was a little wrong, but also right. I have been aware for a few years, that around 20's I was in doings with cars and richer people and I was a male and a person of lower income. This came to me in a past life reading a very dear friend of mine did to me. A couple of years later I had a sudden realization that my car driving phobias had come from that specific life. I was able to understand that I had been in a car accident in that life and when it happened, I was the one behind the wheel. I thought I was older when all that happened, but now my little brother from that past life told me I had been a teenager back when it happened. He also told me no-one died, but at least one person was left (severely) handicapped.

There was something that had boggled me about that life before the 20's... I had an impression that I had been to America, when later on I started to have strong signs I had been at that time a Finn attending our war. I've been speculating if I was one of those, who moved to America. But it didn't quite fit with my experiences... If I had been to America, it would've also meant that I moved back to Finland as well. When I asked about this from my little brother, he said he wouldn't be allowed to answer my question at this point.

I've been careful with unfolding this past life and it seems that it will keep on unfolding itself at it's own pace. In the next part of this past life study, I'm going to describe the dreams I've had from this time. I haven't seen too many clear past life dreams, but these came to me easily, with less symbolism confusing the facts. This is something that makes my life of 1918 even more curious for me.

Friday, 14 October 2016


Suddenly I understood, that feeling uncomfortable talking over and over again about my past life experiences with my friends was a sign. I started to build up tension inside of me that made me feel really uneasy. I needed one more past life experience to understand that I felt caged and that I needed an outlet for my thoughts and feelings somewhere, where I could actually feel free to express myself as who I truly am. That's when the idea of starting a blog came into the picture. It's simple, it's easy-- it doesn't bother anyone and collects only those readers, who feel interested in it's topics.

Having a past life identity that happens to be well known in history and present is nothing but easy. Halfway it feels like a curse. It has made me go through lessons of self-worth so many times I'm not sure it will ever end. I had been handling the general phenomenon of being famous beforehand throughout the youth for other reasons, so it was perhaps planned that my past life as Ned Kelly surfaced only two to three years ago. Sometimes I wish I had known some things affecting my current life earlier, but I know that I wouldn't be what and who I am now if I hadn't experienced the hard stuff raw. 

I'm going to be totally honest with you by saying that I need your support. At the same time I'm trying to stay true to myself, learn being independent and avoid clinging to people's opinions or my tendency to try please everyone. Finally becoming sick of that side of me I found my way here. Coming out of the closet, so to speak. Or my mental cage. 

I realized that I was being an idiot wasting my life trying to please those, who happened to be around me. I haven't come out to my Facebook friends or relatives there. Everything else feels natural to update but not telling that "Hey, I've been going to these wonderful medium nights. Totally loving it" or "I cried my heart out today, because I suddenly remembered the guilt I felt in my past life". I knew that job and bosswise I never cared, what was shown online about my faith or hobbies. And if people who I thought were close to me would run away, maybe I wasn't that important to them after all. That is the very same reason I never started a blog, even though I maybe tried. Now for me, it's the time to stop trying. 

I still won't probably link this blog to my Facebook account in the future. For now, I justify this decision by knowing that the majority of my Facebook friends isn't interested in spiritual or the "supernatural" stuff. For now, it doesn't bother me. If at some point my heart tells otherwise, I will adjust my plans. But the most important change now is that I refuse to be scared that a relative or a distant friend would find this blog online and read my story. This is the place, where I'm able to share my stories in full length. Nothing should be left in secret or half shadowed, if one really wants to know what's all this "Henniina talking about spirits and past lives" is by reading through this blog. 

I admit I'm holding slight grudge by having to explain this at all. I wish being accepted with my interests and experiences would be as easy as being objected to breath so that one can live. The things I handle in this blog are similar to a part of my breathing, which means it is a great part of who I am. I have other life too, of course but I can't deny the importance of spiritual matters in my life and working and developing as a medium. 

At this point I feel also kind of excited as this blog feels like a positive step on the road of fulfilling my life purpose. But more on it later.


First things first. This is a personal blog of a person interested in natural spiritualism and evolving one's skills in mediumship and past life readings. I'm trying to keep my thoughts and experiences on an intimate level and share things that might just help you out on your own path of spirituality. I  will sometimes make statements and present multiple hypothesis before arriving to my final conclusion and you, my readers, are the people I'm sharing this process with. 

I'm using my best ability to evolve as a human being which is one of this blog's purposes. This is the place I'm able to be me. I am not a scientist. I am a regular person. I also make mistakes. Also my English isn't perfect and will never be, but I will try my best to transmit the information I intend to. :) 

Besides using this as a "being-me-spot", I have other objectives too, like being able to share the wisdom of the spirit world and our eternal souls. I have a few past lives that surface more intensively than the others, one of them being my past life as Ned Kelly, the 'infamous bushranger'. It's my only famous past life and I hope it stays that way: It's not easy to discuss about these experiences with people, but they are as real as they can be to me. I found that blogging and vlogging could help me out not bottling the emotions linked to this matter inside of me. 

That is also the very reason I will be more inclined to keep the comment flow mostly on a positive/neutral level and negative personally intended or otherwise inappropriate comments will automatically be removed / not published. Always remember to follow your heart, whenever it comes to your life, anything people say online (or in the media) or what even I say in this blog. Healthy criticism is always helpful. I'm interested in taking questions from readers and answering them with the best of my ability, but being a very busy person outside the social media, it might take some time. It depends on my time-tables and state of emotional resource levels.

 But for now, the rant is over and the adventure is on. I welcome you warmly (and slightly nervously) following my journey on past life exploration and thoughts on spiritual stuff.