Sunday, 11 March 2018

Was JK Rowling Charles Dickens?

A certain page dedicated to the reincarnation phenomenon suggests that JK Rowling was Charles Dickens in her past life. Now-a-days this information seems to have been deleted and found only in Walter Semkiw's book. I find the reincarnation case plausible. When I was a child, 9 years old, I got the first touch of the Harry Potter book series just before the first film was released in 2001. I remember myself getting thoroughly confused, when all of a sudden there was mentioned sneakers (or similar footwear). That was because I had imagined it all happened in the 19th century and that's when I realized it was not how it was meant. I believe I had not seen the film trailer at that point yet as it was a grave disappointment for me to have imagined the character Draco while reading the first book a certain way and then seeing how his looks were supposed to be in the film on some of the film merchandise's packages at the toy section of a store. Also in 2001 the Victorian era fashion and history wasn't a _thing_ for the kids of my age (and I believe it wasn't a thing in Finland at all yet at that point.) Any thought of history as a concept around that age gave me a very unpleasant picture in my mind of a stout mean woman wearing a headscarf, all in black and white. Regarding all of this and other things I experienced as a kid I feel and believe I was already sensitive to energies and past life triggers. What I do these days is past life reading in the communication of the spirit world. Gosh I feel so tempted to ask my guides more about this subject. I've for a long time had an assumption I was a French woman at that time who was into fiction, especially The Three Musketeers (this subject of fascination might have also been created in one of the later incarnations) and trying her wings in creative writing. I'm really an intensive fan in my own way. I absolutely love the atmosphere that isn't strictly constructed from our modern day (muggle) society. What do you think about the Rowling vs Dickens comparison? I find it immensely intriguing.

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