Sunday, 16 October 2016

Finnish Civil War 1918, part 1

I just had a session with the spirit world by using pendulum and clairvoyance/clairknowing as my tools. I had an intention to ask about something quite serious, just a simple one-question try for my spirit guide. I did get my answer later, but first on I had someone different coming and he told that he couldn't answer the question I had suggested.

It was one of my spirit teachers. It took less than a second that he was swinging my pendulum swiftly and became clear to me that he was coming from one of my past lives and we had known each other. The connection is usually not this fluent in the beginning, but I can understand why it came to us (me and the spirit) so easily today. There's basically two reasons:

1) I just came from a mediumship demonstration (I think that's what they are called in UK, but in Finnish it's just a "meediotilaisuus", which I think describes it better). It is a more or less well known fact that attending to medium sessions, opens the receivers psychic/mediumship gifts sometimes and it isn't really a rare thing to happen. I personally didn't get a message this time, because it went to other people there (there were about 50 people attending this demonstration), but just as the medium Maila Marttinen said, all our spirit guides were strongly present there today and even without getting a message, many of our loved ones were there too, close to our auric field (actually inside it), us being mostly open to their energies. I believe I stayed open for these energies for hours, because straight after the demonstration I went out with my two friends and we talked about deep spiritual questions. This is something that actually does help keeping us open to the spirit world.

2) On my way home I found that one question-worthy reason to hold a seance/session for myself so I asked my spirit guide would be there waiting for me. I asked for protection and guidance and gave the spirit world some time to accommodate to my wishes.

So here's what I discovered about this spirit teacher who came meeting me. He used to be my little brother in my past life in Finland. I was born at some point before the turn of the century and lived to witness our war of 1918. I had five siblings: Only one of them was a girl, but she died very young. When the war came, both of our parents and both our grand parents were dead. This little brother who came to teach me was 6 years younger than me, but I wasn't the oldest son. We used to fight a lot.

To my relief, he told me that we had cleared our karma from that life long before my present life and he wouldn't incarnate as anyone around me in this life. This is actually a little rare to my experience. Those who've been pointed out in my past life readings have been usually incarnated as my family or friends in this life. Anyway, I don't think anyone should now start to believe that it was or wasn't common our family members from past lives didn't incarnate close to us again in this life. I believe all paths exist in this one.

One of the interesting things is that I had thought I was a chauffeur from my trade. It seems I was a little wrong, but also right. I have been aware for a few years, that around 20's I was in doings with cars and richer people and I was a male and a person of lower income. This came to me in a past life reading a very dear friend of mine did to me. A couple of years later I had a sudden realization that my car driving phobias had come from that specific life. I was able to understand that I had been in a car accident in that life and when it happened, I was the one behind the wheel. I thought I was older when all that happened, but now my little brother from that past life told me I had been a teenager back when it happened. He also told me no-one died, but at least one person was left (severely) handicapped.

There was something that had boggled me about that life before the 20's... I had an impression that I had been to America, when later on I started to have strong signs I had been at that time a Finn attending our war. I've been speculating if I was one of those, who moved to America. But it didn't quite fit with my experiences... If I had been to America, it would've also meant that I moved back to Finland as well. When I asked about this from my little brother, he said he wouldn't be allowed to answer my question at this point.

I've been careful with unfolding this past life and it seems that it will keep on unfolding itself at it's own pace. In the next part of this past life study, I'm going to describe the dreams I've had from this time. I haven't seen too many clear past life dreams, but these came to me easily, with less symbolism confusing the facts. This is something that makes my life of 1918 even more curious for me.

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