Friday, 14 October 2016


First things first. This is a personal blog of a person interested in natural spiritualism and evolving one's skills in mediumship and past life readings. I'm trying to keep my thoughts and experiences on an intimate level and share things that might just help you out on your own path of spirituality. I  will sometimes make statements and present multiple hypothesis before arriving to my final conclusion and you, my readers, are the people I'm sharing this process with. 

I'm using my best ability to evolve as a human being which is one of this blog's purposes. This is the place I'm able to be me. I am not a scientist. I am a regular person. I also make mistakes. Also my English isn't perfect and will never be, but I will try my best to transmit the information I intend to. :) 

Besides using this as a "being-me-spot", I have other objectives too, like being able to share the wisdom of the spirit world and our eternal souls. I have a few past lives that surface more intensively than the others, one of them being my past life as Ned Kelly, the 'infamous bushranger'. It's my only famous past life and I hope it stays that way: It's not easy to discuss about these experiences with people, but they are as real as they can be to me. I found that blogging and vlogging could help me out not bottling the emotions linked to this matter inside of me. 

That is also the very reason I will be more inclined to keep the comment flow mostly on a positive/neutral level and negative personally intended or otherwise inappropriate comments will automatically be removed / not published. Always remember to follow your heart, whenever it comes to your life, anything people say online (or in the media) or what even I say in this blog. Healthy criticism is always helpful. I'm interested in taking questions from readers and answering them with the best of my ability, but being a very busy person outside the social media, it might take some time. It depends on my time-tables and state of emotional resource levels.

 But for now, the rant is over and the adventure is on. I welcome you warmly (and slightly nervously) following my journey on past life exploration and thoughts on spiritual stuff.



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