Monday, 19 December 2016

Harry Power's spirit and signs

Today's oracle cards encouraged me to feel and be empowered and use this strength in my daily life. My power has been lost of a few weeks and manifested itself by depression, so this message had been long awaited, even that I had received the same message here and there by listening to my spirit helpers. Also it turned out there was a 'coincidence' about the usage of word 'power'.

I ordered a month ago myself a DVD from Australia. "The Last Outlaw" mini tv-series. I never got an affirmation it had been shipped as I did get from other items I ordered for Christmas at the same time. Today I was doing some cookie baking with my best friend and there were so many of them that even after she left there were left plenty to bake! So I was left alone in my silence. Every once in a while I thought I should start a playlist from my phone. I forgot it many times and each time I remembered it again, I felt an urge to do it before I forgot all about it. Finally I did it. It was my Australian past life playlist I chose pretty much randomly. Then I heard a sound from the apartment. Something fell on the floor. I instantly thought either it was a spirit moving stuff or the mail man. It was mail, but the spirits having their touch on the situation. At that moment there was playing this song called Blood On My Name by Brothers Bright. That's a song that I also for half meditative purposes on this past life. It helps me think and structure my emotions, just as many other songs on that playlist of mine.

When I saw it was the DVD which's whereabouts I had been pondering on today, I of course got a little excited. It was my Christmas present to myself. I've been waiting for this opportunity to watch The Last Outlaw through, because it has a lot of roles of people who I find dear from Ned's life like Tom Lloyd and Isaiah 'Wild' Wright. I now understand that the reason I felt an urge to put that playlist playing on the background was actually yet another sign the spirits wanted to share me. Even that I shouldn't be able to doubt my past life anymore, I do need these confirmations to ease my mind. They are also a sign for me that I'm not leading myself to a useless path.

Right now I'm also happy that I figured out I could try to find that DVD online all regions free, which means I could watch it here in Finland without any problems. It wasn't that easy to find, I tell you. It's a piece of Australian history and so on, and the series itself was filmed in the 80's, so naturally most of the DVD releases (except for the one I found) were meant for the region of Australia.

Harry Power's been on my mind lately. His spirit has visited and contacted me more than a year ago and so he did just the past few days again, now revealing his Higher self. He told me he isn't incarnated on the physical plane at the present moment, but he will soon enough. He will incarnate as a boy to one of my close relatives (I know who). He also told me we haven't known each other on other past lives on Earth but as Ned Kelly and Harry Power. He shared me he didn't actually like too much being called by his past life name. He would be in this future life a sensitive and bright boy and he told he would have an talents and devotion to wood carpeting at an early age. By his 9th year of life on Earth my grandfather would have been moved to the spirit world and Harry's reincarnation would be compared to my grandfather (who is a dear person to me even if he himself didn't know it). This is how we change and evolve as spiritual beings... Harry used to be a case-hardened bushranger and his soul isn't proud of all things he did during his life. I think there is also something else that bothers him about that incarnation...

If you wonder how I speak with these spirits, it's again with the help of the pendulum. I see and feel things, get impressions and then if it's unclear or I feel uncertain I use the pendulum the spirit is moving to help get the message right and clear.

The first part of The Last Outlaw looks into Harry's past a lot. I haven't watched the whole episode yet, I think I left it somewhere in the middle. I started to think if I should actually try to regress myself into my past as Ned and see if there was information available that the series would later confirm later. The series tries to base it's story on facts. For now I've been a little annoyed by the teenage Ned. Something doesn't feel right about it, but I'm hopeful about the further parts of the series. Anyway, I haven't actually tried to regress myself consciously on this past life but once, because of doubts and fears. Maybe now's the time. I have held back myself a lot on reading the history on this, I've refrained from looking too much into detail. I need myself to be sure I'm not misleading myself or anyone else for that matter about the past lives' topic as it really is my passion...

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