Monday, 17 October 2016


You may find this blogger a regular person, who doesn't seem to fit well with the usual world. I'm messy, spontaneous vs. reserved, analytic and find joy in spiritual conversation and development. In high school I found myself interested in psychology and philosophy, arts and languages (except for Swedish). I wanted to be either a film director or a costume designer by trade as "being something" or "someone" seemed like the only option I had for life. I felt like I was unsuccessful in everything else that I could've considered meaningful.

Around those times my dog died and I found myself in the middle of a depression cycle which continued for a few years. I have also presumed I had been depressed even as a child without realizing my situation. These days I understand that it was because of my mother. Mental problems existed, but inside this broken family unit they were always belittled or somehow projected elsewhere, many times on myself.

Just as I described, everything escalated at school when I turned 18. Little by little I became more aware I wasn't alone in my room at nights and developed a fear of being in the dark alone late because of this. With this fear came along spiritual experiences and a reawakened interest in the supernatural a couple of years later. I got tarot cards from friends as a birthday present and started to learn about chakra systems, auras, the spirit world and even about the life outside our planet (this was due to an experience I had as a child). I yearned to know the truth about our life mysteries and I was confident it was possible to (re)discover it.

I was right about that possibility, indeed. I had been having all these theories about the structure of our existence and now was the time to see if I was anywhere nearby the truth. Realizing I wasn't the only one thinking like this and that there were actually a huge number of people across the globe and later even amongst my friends sharing an astonishingly similar world view-- I knew there absolutely had to be something true about it. I had been searching for miracles all my life and there it was. No-one had taught me the things I had speculated to be right and now out of the blue I had this amazing support system for my thoughts all around me.

It didn't take long to be told I had the gift to mediumship having a shaman spirit by my side as my spirit guide. I started to understand I had been having these spiritual experiences as a child too, but my strong forced Christian faith and the fear of being judged by the Christian god had blocked my abilities for a long time. Little by little I started to gain confidence in my gift by giving power animal readings to my friends after realizing I could see an animal "on them" when looking at a person. I kept practicing, until a couple of years ago I had crossed the point of being able to convey messages from the spirit world. It had always been important to me to be able to know for sure I wasn't creating the message on something I already knew about those people. Both mistakes and astonishing accomplishments came along the way, the mistakes becoming way rarer by time.

Three years ago I finally got my hands on the topic of reincarnation, which had fascinated me ever since I was a child. At first I falsely thought I must have been a newcomer on Earth, since I had no past life memories or experiences, besides one curious dream I had seen a couple of years earlier. Just as with the power animals, it hit me that I could actually see some people as someone else, when looking at them and sometimes gaining an impression of another historical time. I started to practice and became better on it, whilst getting busy in my everyday life.

My depression cycle helped me to start handling many things that were wrong in my life. Ever since, I've been becoming happier and happier as a human being. It took me some time to get that I actually hadn't been that happy in all of my life. I got hooked on the feeling of freedom the new form of spiritualism provided in my life and I wished other people could feel the same things as I did. My wishes to become a costume designer or a film director were long gone. All I wanted now was to improve as a person, discover new sides about everything that existed and get a taste of adventure in my daily life.

Healing our mental problems and at least accepting them became an important interest of mine. For a few years I tried to save people around me, especially the friends I now considered my real family-- only to learn later on that was no good. I earned even more emotional freedom by understanding that humans have always the right to choose for themselves to believe, to accept and to act on things. I could not bend them to my will seeing and acting on the things around them that could lighten their hearts. More often than that not following my intuition about how to handle people, I burnt my fingers. Finally it was time to move on and change the plan.

It hasn't been an easy task to understand using my inner voice is a part of my meaning in life. It would be only a few adventures away to find the perfect setting to use it AND people who could hear it and actually wanting to listen. I'm still on the same path to discovery, but it hasn't been until lately that I understood, my life purpose considering helping people is of the spiritual kind, using my wisdom and gifts with the best of my ability. I never thought making a living this way would be possible, but I'm currently searching for the bravery to see the perfect way and possibilities to serve people in the future.

My drive for sharing experiences to raise awareness has been huge, because I've been through so many life changing situations with the help of the spirit world and understanding our past lives. This blog is one venue to share most of the knowledge I've gained through these years. One of my highest wishes right now is to reach something in people. Everything is possible if we give the universe a chance to show it.

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