Monday, 1 May 2017

The boy in London

This dream occurred to me the 3rd of June 2016 and something just now reminded me about this, so I thought it would be a good moment for myself to write thoughts down, including what exactly happened in that dream.

There's a place called Pyynikintori ("Pyynikki's market"), a former market town near my current home. Most of my childhood has also concentrated around this area for various reasons. There used to be a small old school grocery store there which was called Pyynikin Liha ("Pyynikki's Meat"). I used to visit it as a kid and a teenager, when attending to school and hobbies. To my logic at some point in the history, that grocery store really sold only meat.

In my dream I was going into a store that was placed exactly at the same spot. It's name was something like "Fine English Meat Shoppe". The clearest part to remember of it was "Fine English--", although I found some old notes about this dream that it also could've been "Fine Londonian--". When I enter, the whole place is found to be covered with meat in old style and in different forms. The walls were covered white and maybe light blue or green glossy tiles. There were roosts with meat hanging from them. It is an wondrous sight to look at from the aspect of my active thinker in dreams. The scene changes and I'm carrying groceries with my mother and my other little sister on the other side of Pyynikintori, (in front of my old music conservatory in real life). We start to load them inside a car, but my mother has issues to carry such weight. I rush into help as she almost drops some lemonade bottle made of glass (I had drank the previous weekend the same stuff a bunch, so I assume that is the reason it "leaked" inside of my dream as lemonade). I noted the bottle wasn't full and there was actually more than that one bottle that I rescue from her hands.

I never was so considerate in this real waking life, as I must humbly commit...

We walk down the street back again in a different scenery. There is an old man with a top hat and I somehow I thought I knew he was a kiddy fiddler / candy man of some sort. He was in position of some sweet substance that was somehow related to poison. That same man toddled each day or same day each week in a very slow pace across the market place. That's how he made himself seem innocent and normal. One time he tried to allure my little sister and I was veritably anguished by the idea of A) him trying to take away my little sister, but now that she got away, was he going to kill her? B) him possibly knowing that I knew what he was doing.

When I started to ponder on this dream, I soon understood it must've been a past life related, for all the following reasons. Now I suspect that in this past life I was about 8 to 9 years, when those dreams happened. By intuition, I could tell I was rather a boy, than a girl. I base the theory of my age to the fact that in my previous life, I died in 1880 and the Jack the Ripper murders happened in 1888.  Also, in 1918 I feel I've been around 30 years old in my next life... I can't remember if I acknowledged my own age during the dream, but my little sister was way younger in the dream and my mother seemed more stiff in motion than she is in this life. For the same reasons, I also think I didn't live much older. The reason for death in that past life is at this moment unknown to me.

Needless to say, this dream too was heavily symbolic, excluding a few small things like the man in the top hat and the store that sold meat. What I always find very curious about dream symbolism is that sometimes people I know symbolize very much different things in different dreams. Like a mother is usually a symbol for a part of one's superego. But sometimes my mother has been a symbol for the very real deal: herself. However, in this past life dream case I believe she was playing the role of my past life mother, who must've been a different soul. This is because I know that my current mother's incarnation died later than 1880 in her life, same goes for my little sister. They were both members of the Kelly family in Australia. So I find it possible they both symbolized other people. This has happened for other people too-- meaning of the symbolism of people in dreams switching in different situations and sometimes the people in their dreams aren't even layered with any symbols.

There is a common belief, that any historical items, clothes etc. in dreams are a good hint of a past life related dream. So far, I've found this theory to be very much true. Theoretically historical items aren't necessary for a dream to handle past lives, but so far I believe there's been always something, following a historical pattern and in that way 'out of place'. They have usually been the trigger to learn more about the other symbols and usually what I've found has very much seemed to fit in with real history.

Also, a few months before the dream occurred, I had done a psychic/medium exercise with my friend. We wrote down four questions on paper, turned them upside down and then drew in each other's papers four pictures as answers to those questions without knowing them beforehand. One of my questions happened to concern my past life as Ned Kelly. It was weird my friend drew actually a picture of London streets in 19th century and said that there was an anxious atmosphere to it and that it had something to do with Jack the Ripper. I happen to know a person in real life who finds possible that he was one of the Jack the Ripper imitators in a past life. But now I understood the possible explanation I had not considered before:

I have a theory about this past life, not so much intuitive. This was the next past life I had after Australia and I find it very much possible it was situated in London. Maybe I was a boy with a great imagination. That's what I've had since I was a child (which in my experience does NOT exclude the ability to intuition). Also, at those times there was a bunch of Jack the Ripper imitators and it was all in newspapers and gossip. So that makes equally possible that maybe my past self was right about that creepy man or that my past self only imagined him being similar to Jack the Ripper.

I have another reason to think that this life might have situated in London. A few years ago, I was trying to have a nap, when suddenly a very vivid vision opened to me and at the place of the window by my side opened the view of London and I felt very strongly it was home. I have always liked London and England, but that was the first time experiencing it by clear feeling.

To be honest, this past life makes me a little nervous. I like to keep all possibilities open about the truth, until I've had a proper past life regression or more other type of evidence about it. I know that we've all experienced awful things at some point in past lives and I don't see that thing in itself as a threat or anything morbid. I just feel I don't want to make any past life regressions on my own of past lives that are too grim, before I feel I'm experienced enough. That is the very same reason I haven't proceeded with my Ned Kelly past life 'investigations' lately. I'm interested in getting a proper past life regression from it.

When I work with spirits and past life readings, I'm only given what I can take. And if there is a person I'm giving the reading to, the spirits point out only things that are not meant to scare them, but to help them learn new things about their current life. I've had a couple of readings, where spirits have just stopped at one point, even shown me a brick wall, so that I wouldn't go further on the psychic level either. And these were some heavy lives. Responsibility is the way to go, I think.

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